Wednesday, February 10, 2016

History of the Dumpster

The word "dumpster", first used commercially in 1936,[2] came from the Dempster-Dumpster system of mechanically loading the contents of standardized containers onto garbage trucks, which was patented by Dempster Brothers in 1935.[3][4] The containers were called Dumpsters, a portmanteau of the company's name with the word dump. The Dempster Dumpmaster, which became the first successful front-loading garbage truck that used this system, to popularized the word.
The word dumpster has had at least three trademarks associated with it by Dempster Brothers,[5][6][7] but today it is often used as a genericized trademark.
In British and Australian English, the terms wheelie bin and skip are more commonly used (although they are not perfect synonyms). In some other countries[which?] the more descriptive term frontloader container is often used, either in one or two words.

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